Tuition, room & board, and parking plans

2019-2020 Tuition

Tuition, per credit hour – $940

*Fees are included in credit hour rate

Audit fee, per credit hour – $200

Meal Plans

Food services are available in the CTU dining hall, and meal plans are available for purchase. Lunch, and dinner are offered daily during the academic year.


The Residence Hall and Student Center is located at 5401 S Cornell Avenue (across the street from The Denny Center). Residence rooms are fully furnished. In addition to having a first-floor dining hall, each floor has a student lounge and kitchen. Laundry facilities and a chapel are also in the building. Rent includes wireless internet, utilities, and laundry use.


Security deposit: $680


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  • Summer 2019 – $2,520
  • Fall 2019 – $2,520


CTU provides on-campus parking permits for a nominal fee. Students can purchase permits for July and August, Fall Semester, Spring Semester, May Term and June.

Download the parking application.