“I am very pleased that [CTU] will continue my legacy and ecclesial vision,

which are based on the teaching and reforms of the Second Vatican Council.”  

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

October 9, 1996

CTU continues Cardinal Bernardin’s ministry of reconciliation and peacemaking, interreligious dialogue, leadership development for the Catholic church, the consistent ethic of life, and the search for common ground in the church and the world. 

Bernardin Scholars

Developing future faith leaders

The Bernardin Scholars Program at CTU supports students who are committed to the same spirit of faithful service that Cardinal Bernardin showed to the Church and the world. 

Catholic Common Ground Initiative

Promoting dialogue and fostering understanding

一级做人爱c视频免费,做爱国产,欧美生活性色,欧美牲交a欧美牲交aⅴ - 百度Cardinal Bernardin’s last gift to the Church, the Catholic Common Ground Initiative promotes dialogue within the Catholic Church in the United States. 

Catholic-Jewish Studies Program

Encouraging a spirit of dialogue and respect

Through the Shapiro Lecture series and the annual Rabbi Hayim Goren Perelmuter Conference, world renowned scholars come to campus to speak on a range of topics related to theology, current issues, and culture. The Catholic-Jewish Studies Program allows students to experience Judaism outside of the classroom.

Catholic-Muslim Studies Program

Enhancing mutual understanding, respect and cooperation

The Catholic-Muslim Studies Program educates and trains dynamic scholars and leaders who can effectively promote mutual understanding, reconciliation, and cooperation between Muslims and Christians, in order to advance justice and compassion.

Catholics on Call

Young Adults reflecting on God’s call in their lives

一级做人爱c视频免费,做爱国产,欧美生活性色,欧美牲交a欧美牲交aⅴ - 百度Catholics on Call is dedicated to helping young adults from diverse backgrounds explore their own callings in the Church.

Contact Us

For general information, contact:
Peter Cunningham

一级做人爱c视频免费,做爱国产,欧美生活性色,欧美牲交a欧美牲交aⅴ - 百度Associate Director

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